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Infant Program

Our Infant Program Encompasses:

Physical Development

Infant Program~ Promote physical development of gross motor skills by encouraging rolling, crawling and walking, and fine motor skills such as holding, grasping and pinching through classroom activities and developmental tools.

Emotional Development

~ By promptly responding to your child's needs, showing affection through holding, hugging and attending as well as respecting choices, likes and dislikes, your infant will develop an emotional trust for the world around them.

Social Development

Infant Program~ Relationships with infants now will affect how they relate to others in the future.  By playing games such as peek-a-boo and itsy-bitsy-spider, responding to babbles and coos, and monitoring your child's behavioral patterns will start the process of becoming ready to explore the larger world of social relationships.

Intellectual Development

~ In utilizing classroom toys such as building blocks and shapes, accompanied by arts and crafts and teacher readings, this important phase of intellectual development will be initiated as your child grows toward toddler age.

Infant Teachers

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